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A black canvas with the words "Contemporary Kanata" written in white, a red bar below it with phrase "interdisciplinary approaches to canadian studies in it.

About the Journal

We are an undergraduate journal affiliated with the Robarts Centre for Canadian Studies aiming to publish quality bilingual research in the social sciences and humanities about Canada. Our vision involves efforts to decolonize knowledge and scholarship within the field of Canadian Studies, and we hope to publish pieces and articles that center the voices of misrepresented, underrepresented, and unrepresented groups. We recognize that we exist within a context in which undergraduate journals are few and far between and there are limited opportunities or avenues for undergraduate students to publish their work.  As such, our mission involves fostering debate and intellectual exchange between emerging scholars and thinkers who are engaging critically with Canada. As well as to ensure that our writers and contributors feel supported during what might be for many of them their first publishing process. 

While we primarily hope to publish work that engages with the contemporary moment, we recognize that this does not exist in isolation, but necessarily in conversation with both our past as well as possible futures. What is key for us regardless of the temporal perspective, is that our authors attempt to imagine a critical praxis that moves their research out of the abstract and into the real. Given the liberal arts tradition of our host institution, Glendon College at York University, we hope to publish research that reflects different disciplinary approaches and even cuts across them to offer new insights. Knowledge comes in many forms and our Alternative Epistemologies section was created with this in mind. Here we welcome creative nonfiction, poetry, cartoons, and visual essays that engage with the selected theme of our issues. We publish in both English and French.